Our Work

Children hold bags full of toys and look at the photographer.

Building a Canteen and Food Pantry

Sak vid pa kanpe: Hungry belly can’t stand.

With proper nutrition early in life, children can grow, develop, and thrive to their fullest potential.

After surveying the needs of the village in an early visit, it was clear that the school established by Tabernacle of the Lord needed a way to provide food for the children. This is when the vision for a canteen was formed.

Construction of the canteen, a 1200 sq. ft. cafeteria, is already underway. The foundation has been dug, and the pillars are poured. We are planning and preparing to put up the walls and pour the floor. Once complete, the canteen will provide meals at the school to every child, every day.

Constructing Wells

Access to clean, safe water is a catalyst for change and the first step to elevating communities from a cycle of sickness and poverty to one of health and hope.

The Artibonite River is the longest river in Haiti, yet the people of Gardere are without access to clean water. They have to travel long distances and in dangerous conditions to find, collect, and bring back water for cooking, washing, personal hygiene, and other daily tasks. The area also goes through periods of drought, resulting in lost cattle and crops.

We want to create sustainable solutions for the water crisis Gardere experiences during the dry seasons. One of our goals is to build a well to meet this fundamental need.

15-le-fleuve-artibonite (1)
Four haitian children sit at a table together

Discovering Future Projects

Nan lavi toujou gen opotinite pou aprann: In life there is always opportunity to learn.

Guided by our strong belief in the power of hope and dignity, we continue to dream big about the impact Abundant Well Foundation can have in Gardere. 

We invite you to dream along with us, bringing your unique skills and resources to join us in our work to transform lives in Haiti.