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Since 2006, Yves Foster has visited Haiti for mission-based work. In 2016, she traveled to Gardere for the first time, making the long, difficult journey across rough terrain. Once she arrived in this vibrant town, she witnessed firsthand the devastating living conditions and difficulties of life in an extremely remote location.

However, despite all of these challenges, she experienced the powerful resilience of the community.

Hope was alive in Gardere.

Because of this trip, Yves returned home inspired. A seed had been planted in her heart and mind. She felt compelled to form an organization that could provide resources and ongoing support to the village. Abundant Well Foundation (AWF) was created to do just that. AWF recognizes the immense potential in every child in Gardere, and our goal is to empower them to achieve it.

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Our mission is to promote community health and wellness for at risk children and families in the commune of Gardere, Saint Marc in Haiti by providing access to nutritional, health, and educational resources.

We firmly believe in the power of hope and dignity. At the core of our work is the idea that simply planting a seed is enough to make lasting, sustainable change. We know that by empowering and affirming children, we can elevate an entire community to reach its fullest potential.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Yves Foster

Yves Foster

Founder/Executive Director

Samuel Oshonaike

Samuel Oshonaike


Chantal B Duplessy

Chantal B. Duplessy

Fundraiser Chair

Diana T. Clarke

Diana T. Clarke


Kaitlyn Foster

Kaitlyn N. Foster